Social Relationships

Social Relationships
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Thinking of Creating "Social Relationships" With Your "Customers" and "Prospects"?

Here are 7 easy ways to create "social relationships" with your "customers" and "prospects", that will get them thinking about you and your firm:

1. Send them regular "e-newsletters" and share some great "content" or "helpful tips" in your e-newsletters.

2. Stay in touch with your clients, prospects and even your past clients, by using Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

3. Send an occasional e-mail to your "current" and "past clients", with a link or an attachment that will be helpful to them.

4. Invite one or more of your "best clients" to attend an event with you.

5. Sending a well-crafted letter or handwritten card, can help both you and your business to stand out from the mass of e-mails that your customers or prospects receive.

6. Congratulate your clients, prospects and even previous clients on their birthdays,

7. Don't be afraid to pick up your phone and give your clients and prospects a friendly, no-sales call, to ask them - how they are?

Remember: When you use some or all of these suggestions, you are highlighting to your customers and prospects that you are in fact,

• Only "interested in them", and

• Not just "their buying dollar".

What Are You Waiting For?

Find out how we can help you, in creating "social relationships" with your customers and prospects.

We are hands-on throughout the entire process.

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