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Thinking of Outsourcing Your Lead Generation Services?

4 Reasons to Outsource Your Lead Generation Services

Outsource your lead generation services to Singh Consulting Group and benefit from:

  • Having increased sal
  • Getting closer to your business goals.

We have a team of exceptional professionals, who are passionate about helping people like you to attract more "prospects" to your business. 

Listed below, are 4 reasons you should consider, when thinking of outsourcing your lead generation services.

  1. Cost Effective

The best part about outsourcing your in-house lead generation services. Is that you will not incur all the costs of

  • Recruiting additional staff.
  • Training your new employees with your firms products and services
  • Purchasing new equipment.

This is because, we already have the equipment and highly trained staff with the requisite skills to get the job done.

  1. Empower Your Sales Team

By outsourcing your lead generation services, you are allowing your sales team to focus on what is important to your business. For example:

  • Closing more sales.
  • Getting more repeat business.
  • Developing new product ideas.
  1. Work With Skilled Professionals

Outsourcing your in-house lead generation services to Singh Consulting Group, will give you access to the expertise of our skilled professionals.

Our skilled professionals, will not only spend time getting to know your business and the products and services your firm provides. But equally important, they will also spend time:

  • Researching your competitors.
  • Establishing what your "prospects" are looking for.
  • Creating effective "sales and marketing strategies".
  • Developing "marketing campaigns".
  • Creating dedicated "lead capture landing pages".
  1. Greater Exposure to the Market

Outsourcing your lead generation services, will allow our experts to carry out the necessary research to ensure that:

  • Your "brand" will gain greater exposure and much faster popularity.
  • They are only targeting "prospects" who are genuinely interested and able to benefit from the products or services being offered by your firm.

Remember: Outsourcing your lead generation services to Singh Consulting Group:

  • Is cheaper than running your own in-house campaign.
  • Will save you time and effort.

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Streamline Your Business by Outsourcing Your Administrative Tasks and Functions

If you want to lower your business costs, improve your business's efficiency, get the job done faster or you just don't want the hassle of employing in-house admin support services staff. Then outsourcing your "back-office administration tasks and functions", is a very good option worth considering.

At Singh Consulting Group, our team of experts have the knowledge, skills and experience to administer your back-office administrative tasks and functions.

So, what is outsourcing?

Definition of Outsourcing

"Outsourcing" (sometimes called contracting out or business process outsourcing), can be defined as being, a business practice in which a company hires another company or an individual to:

  • Perform tasks,
  • Handle operations, or
  • Provide services that are either usually executed or had previously been done by the company's own in-house employees.

Reasons for Outsourcing 

Companies frequently outsource their "back-office administration tasks and functions" as a way to:

  • Lowering business costs,
  • Improving efficiencies and
  • Getting the job done faster.  

However, some companies decide to "outsource" for other reasons. For example:

  • Because they want to focus their resources more specifically on their "core" competencies, thereby helping them gaincompetitive advantages in the market, or
  • Because they simply are unable to hire in-house workers with the specialised skills and experience needed to perform certain jobs.

Check out the key benefits you can get when you "outsource" your back-office administration tasks and functions.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  1. Save on Recruitment and Employment Costs

The most obvious benefit of "outsourcing" relates to the cost savings associated with recruiting, training and employing admin support staff.

Spending your time and money on recruiting, training and then letting go of talent is both costly and unnecessary. However, with outsourcing, you don't have to worry about paying annual leave, sick leave long-service leave and redundancy entitlements etc.

Interestingly, when evaluating the true cost of employing staff, you need to add approximately 40% to the staff members salary.

  1. Stay Focused on Core Functions.

Outsourcing your firm's administrative functions and transactional tasks, can free up your time so that you and your team can spend more time focussing on the "core" functions that are aimed at "growing" your business. For example:

  • You can spend more time building better client/customer relationships
  • You can spend more time building your business's "brand name".
  • You can spend more time evaluating how your business can gain a "competitive advantage" in the market.
  1. Updated Administrative Processes and Technologies

Outsourcing is one way to ensure that your administrative "processes and technologies" are always updated.  

  1. Reinvesting in Growth 

The money saved by "outsourcing" your processes and tasks, can be used to:

  • Improve your "core" processes.
  • Engage in more sales and marketing.
  1. Flexibility

"Outsourcing" can help make your business more "flexible" and able to adapt to "changing market conditions and challenges".

  1. Increased Reach 

"Outsourcing" can give you access to "capabilities and facilities" that may otherwise be "inaccessible and unaffordable".  


If you require administration support or have some questions regarding the admin support services we offer, you can call us on 1300 4 SINGH today. You can also email us on admin@singhconsultinggroup.com.au



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