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If you are interested in how a business or organization works – its strategy, management and operations, then a career as a business and management consultant might just be the career for you.

The broad span of providing consulting work to businesses and organisations makes it an attractive career, offering you a:

  • Variety of projects;
  • Challenges; and
  • Opportunities for personal development.

What does a business and management consultant do?

A Business and Management Consultant helps businesses and organisations improve their performance and grow by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing things.

The job involves:

  • determining and clarifying strategic and operational problems via consultation
  • identifying problems and seeking solutions
  • reviewing current strategy
  • undertaking research into the industry sector, markets and competitors
  • collecting, analysing and interpreting data and statistics
  • compiling and presenting information verbally, visually and in writing

Qualifications Required 

Graduates from an academic background can enter the profession. A degree in business, management, economics, or statistics can be an advantage. Relevant experience can be beneficial particularly for mature candidates.

Key skills for Business and Management Consultants

  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Analytical abilities.
  • Good numerical skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • IT skills.

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