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8 Simple Sales and Marketing Strategies

Are you looking at creating and implementing your business's or company's sales and marketing strategies?

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Here are 8 simple sales and marketing strategies you can adopt:

Strategy #1. Work Smarter "On" Your Business or Company

The fact that you are reading this post, indicates that you are wanting to work smarter "on" your business or company, instead of just working "in" your business or company

Working smarter means for example. Spending more of your valuable time working on your business or company for one of or all of the following purposes :

  • You may want to maintain and improve your customer or client satisfaction, or
  • You may want to implement new strategies so that you can expand your existing services.
Strategy #2. Showcase Your Business or Company

Take the time to showcase your business or company. You can do this through advertising and marketing to show everyone:

  • Why does your business or company stand out from your competitors?  
  • Why your business or company is absolutely excellent?

Strategy #3. Build an Effective Relationship With Your Customers or Clients

Building an effective relationship with your customers or clients involves creating a customer or client database. You can use this database to contact your clients or customers on a regular basis. For example, you can mail them any of the following:

  • Birthday card.
  • Sales Flyer.
  • Newsletter, etc.  

Remember: By regularly putting your business's or company's name and phone number in front of your clients or customers, will ensure your business or company is not forgotten.

Strategy #4. E-Mail Marketing

Try to get your customers' or clients' permission to use their E-Mail addresses and then, periodically send them updates to your products or services.

Strategy #5. Hire Top Salespeople

To sustain the growth of your business or company in the marketplace. It is vital that you hire quality salespeople who are effective at closing a sale.

Strategy #6. Involve Your Salespeople in Your Marketing Strategies

Your salespeople are an essential part of your marketing strategies. Involving your salespeople in the development of your marketing strategies will benefit you immensely, in that:

  • Your salespeople will be more "motivated" and "focused" towards helping you to achieve your marketing objectives.
Strategy #7. Use Social Media

Use Social Media as this will help you reach out to a bigger audience. Being active on Social Media will not just increase your business's or company's brand awareness. It will also:

  • Boost its ranking on search engines, and
  • Prove that you are in sync with the times.
Strategy #8. Listen to Your Customers or Clients

Taking the time to listen to your customers or clients after completing a service, enables you to look for feedback. Your feedback should allow for customers or clients to:

  • Comment on their experience in dealing with your business or company; and
  • Highlight to you the areas that need improvement.
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How a business or organisation wants to sell its “products” and “services” and how it identifies its “target market, will depend on:

  • How well it plans for results; and
  • If it adopts a strategic approach to its sales and marketing strategies.

Difference between Sales and Marketing Strategies

Interestingly, sales and marketing strategies are not identical. For example:

Your business or organisation can use sales strategies to help:
  • Sell its products or services
  • Increase its revenues and reduce its costs
  • Increase its client/customer satisfaction
  • Identify how to close sales
 Your business or organisation can use marketing strategies to help:
  • Identify its target markets
  • Create strategies for reaching its customers/clients
  • Get its name out in the marketplace and tempting new customers/clients or even rekindling their interest.

Our team of expert consultants will work with you to ensure your sales and marketing strategies are:

  • Working towards supporting your “mission statement” and realising your stated goals and objectives; and
  • Based on meeting the needs of your existing and future customers/clients.


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