Project Management and Change Management

Is there a difference?

The short answer is Yes!

To clarify this, project management are about installing processes or disciplines, and change management is about adopting these changes.

In business, it is not unusual to find business owners and business managers often being confused with these two disciplines.

Project Management

Project management focuses on a plan built around events and timelines with the aim being to get from a current state to a future state.

Project management involves undertaking a number of key disciplines or processes such as:

The Initiating process. The key function of this process is to:

  • Determine the nature and scope of the specific project; and
  • Develop a project management plan.

The Planning process.  The key function here is to:

  • Identify the tasks and determine the project activities needed to complete these tasks; and
  • Create a work breakdown structure.

The Monitoring and Controlling processes.  The key function here is to:

  • Observe and measure the project activities against the project management plan; and
  • Identify where the project team is at, and against where they should be.

Change Management

Change management focuses on the people aspects of the changes that may occur.

The aim of change management is to empower a critical mass of people so that you get them to change their current behaviour and in turn learn new behaviours.  

Change management occurs when your business is faced with any number of changes. For example:

  • Changes to your business's products or services;
  • Changes to your business's systems;
  • Changes to the location of your business; and
  • Changes to your business processes.

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