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Global Business Advisory Services

Seeking business advice from Singh Consulting Group about how best to exploit opportunities through globalisation, will enable you to:

  • Avoid any pitfalls you may confront on your global journey; and
  • Exploit all opportunities available to your business or firm through globalisation.
Globalisation can Provide a Pathway to Growth

Any forward-thinking business owner or corporate executive who is striving to achieve strategic growth for their business or firm by expanding into global markets will need to know how to design and implement an effective global marketing strategy.

Benefits of a Global Marketing Strategy

Having an effective global marketing strategy when expanding into new global markets, will help your business or firm in a number of ways. Here is a list of some benefits:

Your Business or Firm will Grow and Develop Much Faster

As your business or firm grows through globalisation, the need to develop more new products faster and offer new services more often will increase. This, in turn, will contribute to your business or firm:

  • Experiencing Increased profits, and
  • A bigger market share.
Your Business or Firm will Enjoy a Better Reputation and Increased Brand Awareness

Expanding into new global markets will enable your business or firm to have:

  • A larger consumer base; and
  • Increased brand awareness.

For example, your consumers in your new market will become more aware of your business's or firm's products or services.

Your Business or Firm will Have More Opportunities

Expanding into global markets makes it possible for your business or firm to connect. To put it another way:

  • You are not just connecting with new customers or clients!
  • You are in fact, connecting with new business partners around the world!
You can Promote your Products or Services Around the World

Adopting an effective global marketing campaign makes it possible for you to:

  • Control and make better use of the internet, and
  • Promote your products or services around the world.

As an illustration, you can use the following points of contact points to reach customers or clients in every market around the world:

  • Website,
  • Blog,
  • Facebook Page, or
  • Twitter.
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Advances in information and communication technology in recent years have played a major role in the rise of globalisation. It is now widely being recognised over recent years that:

  • Many Australian firms and companies are seeking to do business in other countries; and
  • Many international firms and companies are trying to enter the Australian marketplace.

When do you need Global Business Advice?

Many business owners and CEOs still view the prospect of going global to be fraught with complexity, and risk and for this reason, they are looking for sound and effective global business advice.

If you are forward-thinking and striving to achieve strategic growth for your firm or company, by embracing international markets and opportunities. You will find it beneficial to seek expert global business advice about how best to:

  • Exploit all opportunities available to your firm or company through globalisation.
  • Avoid any pitfalls you may confront on your global

Seek Expert and Professional Global Business Advice

Singh Consulting Group is an Australian owned business and management consulting services firm, providing global business advisory services to forward-thinking business owners and CEOs, who are looking to achieve strategic growth by going global.

Our global business advisor will partner with you and help you in:

  • Establishing, if you are ready and committed to growing your firm or company globally?
  • Exploring, how to get your firm or company to go global?
  • Exploring, which global market and opportunity best suit your firm's or company's products or services?
  • Identifying, how best to plan your global business strategy?
  • Identifying, how and where your firm or company can best be globally competitive?

Action Plans to be implemented

When providing global business advisory services. Our global business advisor will partner with you in providing guidance in decision making and organising the international direction of your firm or company. This involves putting into place a series of suitable "Action Plans", these plans include:

  1. Drafting a good global business plan for your firm or company.
  2. Evaluating your firm's or company's specific business needs, and business goals.
  3. Clearly describing the product or service to be produced and/or offered by your firm or company to other countries.
  4. Developing a suitable market plan (i.e. this will involve conducting in-depth market research).
  5. Identifying multiple market entry strategies and assessing each proposed strategy.
  6. Evaluating and selecting the most suitable methods of distributing your product or service in other countries.
  7. Providing information on how to set prices, and negotiate deals.
  8. Providing information about the potential economic, legal, and political hurdles your firm or company may face in a foreign market.
  9. Providing detailed sales and expense forecasts, and projected cash flows.
  10. Creating your firm's or company's operations plan.

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