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7 Simple Steps to Help You Deliver an Effective Business Strategy

If you are in the process of developing a business strategy, you will find Singh Consulting Group can steer you in the right direction. Moreover, you will have full control over the direction you want your business or company to go.

Your business's or company's performance depends on how well you and your team or employees "define" each of the important concepts that form part of your business strategy.

Developing Your Business Strategy  

First and foremost, the essential components required to build a strategic foundation that can help you in developing an effective business strategy are:

  • First, identify the "need", and
  • Then establish a "strategic framework".

Here is a list seven simple steps you can use when building your framework:

Step # 1. Create a Knowledge Strategy

Your understanding of what your customers or clients want, combined with your employees' know-how, can be regarded as your knowledge base. With this in mind, you will find this knowledge already exists in your business or company. It can be found in:

  • The experience of your team or employees,
  • Your plans for any future activities, and
  • Your ideas for new products or services.

Using this knowledge correctly can help you in a number of ways. For example:

  • It can help you in the running of your business or company,
  • It can help you in decreasing business risk, and
  • It can help you in exploiting any business opportunities.

Step # 2. Develop your "Vision" Statement

This statement clearly and concisely communicates your vision for the future of your business or company. To put this another way:

  • "Where" do you want your business or company to be in the future?

Step # 3. Develop your "Mission" Statement

This statement clearly defines what your business or company does. To put this another way:

  • "Why" was your business or company established?

Step # 4. Develop your "Values" Statement

This statement clearly and communicates the values that shape your actions. To put this another way:

"How" are you going to shape your business's or company's actions?

Step # 5. Set Strategic Objectives to Achieve your Aims

The idea of setting business strategies will:

  • Let you know how close you are to achieving your business goals and more importantly, how much work you still have to do;
  • Assess how well your employees are working together as a team to help your business or company achieve its common business goals; and
  • Encourage you to also focus on your own business goals.

Note: Your strategic objectives will identify how you will turn your words into action. In other words, you now have the foundation of an action plan for your business's or company's strategy.

Step # 6. Business Tactics or Action Plans

You now need to translate your strategic objectives into more detailed short-term actionable plans (also referred to as business tactics). This will help you to:

  • Achieve your business goals.
  • Be better placed for when you want to take advantage of any business opportunities as they arise.

Note: To be effective, your action plans and business strategies must work in tandem with one another.

Step # 7. Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

As important it is to develop a business strategy. It is equally important, that you continually review all your objectives and action plans on an ongoing basis. This process will enable you to:

  • Assess how your business or company is performing? and
  • Assess whether your business or company is on track to achieving its overall business goals?

Note: Regularly reviewing your objectives and action plans will put you in a much better position. For one thing, you are able to identify areas that need to be improved, well before they become big issues.   

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It is not unusual for any business or organisation in Australia to face many complex challenges, particularly if they are operating in a highly regulated industry sector. You will find that these challenges are then further compounded if the business or organiastion does not have an effective and well-structured business strategy in place.

 Singh Consulting Group can help resolve the many complex challenges your business or organisation may face. This will involve our team of expert consultants working with you to review your current business strategy. The review will enable us to identify your leadership and organisational considerations such as:

  • Assessing your current market position and ascertaining if you can continue to sustain a competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Identifying your end goals (i.e. what you want to achieve for your business or organization)
  • Identifying a realistic path that will ensure you can achieve your goals and make them into a reality
  • Ensuring you can continue to meet the expectations of your customers/clients
  • Mapping out where the most compelling opportunities for your business or organization lie.

 The most effective business strategy will deliver insights beyond the current and future environment. By developing a suitable and effective business strategy you will be able to answer the following important questions:

  • What is the best strategy for your business or organization (i.e. what are you best at doing)?
  • Which customers/clients should your business or organization continue to serve or start serving?
  • Which products/services should your business or organisation continue to offer, stop offering, or start offering?
  • If you should develop and implement new business or organisational structures to improve service coordination?
  • If you need to work with staff and management to successfully implement a new model or service?
  • If you need to establish project governance structures to support the delivery of a major service?
  • If you need to facilitate and lead an extensive redesign project to improve performance and meet the growing demand for services in a changing regulatory environment?

Remember: You cannot possibly be all things to all customers and you don’t have to be the market leader to compete successfully. But, you do need to focus on the strengths of your business or organisation as this will enable you to find a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Our  expert consultants are willing and able to partner with you and engage  in bold and innovative thinking as this will enable you to:

  • Shed light on your strengths and strategy challenges and
  • Illuminate your path forward.
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