Singh Consulting Group is a “global” business consulting firm. We provide you with a full range of business consulting services.

Are a sole trader, partnership, small business, company, or a trust? We can help you grow your business.


Reasons to Choose Singh Consulting Group for your “Business Consulting” Needs

To begin with, our expert consultant. Focus on key activities important to your business growth.

Our business consulting services include the following services:
ForĀ  a start, assisting and guiding you through the process of writing a good business plan.
Note: You can simply click here for a sample of our business plan template.

Whether you are starting up a new business or buying an existing business, our team can provide the following services:
Outline a clear “Vision” and “Mission” Statements.
Setting out your business goals including objectives.
In addition, we will prepare business planning, cash flow forecasting and also business budgets.

Conduct a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis on your business.

Assist specifically in development and implementation of business strategies.

Introduce business statistics with the following benefits:
At first, evaluate the performance of business.
Secondly, assist you to make better informed business decisions.
Thirdly, guide you to draw intelligent conclusions.
Then, assist in recognizing, assessing and managing the business risks.

Moreover, consultants will also prepare a Risk Treatment Plan.

You may be a forward thinking corporate executive striving to achieve strategic growth by expanding into global markets. As a matter of fact, our team can design and implement an effective global market strategy.

Assess and review business and financial management strategies to help:
Your business to grow and reach its full potential.
Determine the direction of your business.
Give you a better understanding of what your business will look like in future.

Assess and review business sales and marketing strategies in order to ensure its strategies are:
Working towards your business “Mission statement” and its stated “goals and objectives”.
Meeting the “needs” of your existing and future clients.

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