About Us

Singh Consulting Group provides broad range of consulting services. Accordingly, our services are Business, Management and IT Consulting.

As a rule, our consultants ensure your business achieves highest performance. Furthermore, we want to enhance potential thereby increasing overall growth.

Grow Your Business with Singh Consulting Group Australia and Global

You may be spending too much time working in the business. In contrast, you should be working on the business. By the way, our consultants can redesign your business process.

For example, you may have started a new business. On the other hand, you may be an established business owner. In both instances, you seek expertise to boost growth. Here our consultants have knowledge to offer sound advice.

Strategies and plan devised by our experts will assist you to manage your business more effectively.

  • Experts at Singh Consulting Group will create a realistic strategic plan together with formulating a well thought out business plan .
  • Our experts can recreate planning process with proven strategiesstrategic planning services
  • Team of experts may develop strategic insights with input from stakeholders.
  • Experienced consulting team will leverage your leadership.
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Our Team at Singh Consulting Group

Our team are talented professionals with collectively decades of experience.

All our consultants hold tertiary qualifications in Economics, Commerce, Law, IT, Data Science, Econometric, Accounting and Analytics.


Mr Singh


Mr Singh started his career in banking followed by accountancy. Since then has accumulated a wealth of experience within the industry. He has worked in credit and risk management roles including real estate and accountancy and consulting roles. Singh is an economist and an accountant.

Ms Gyan Wati


Ms Gyan takes keen interest in ensuring that clients are delivered with excellent customer service. She also ensures that brand reputation continues to grow. She oversees the overall performance of the business.


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